Direction, Instruction, and Guidance Ministry was created to help two separate and distinct, but interwoven groups. They are:

The youth of the nation.

Those of any age that seek help from drug and alcohol addiction.

It is the intention of this ministry to encourage the youth of this nation to begin seeking the Direction, Instruction, & Guidance of God, Jesus Christ, or The Holy Spirit on a consistent basis when making major choices and decisions. Unfortunately, in today’s world and culture, the youth are constantly bombarded with external suggestions through advertisements, the media, television, and the movie industry to make ungodly choices and decisions. In addition, when taking into consideration that God has been taken out of the public schools, the youth have little to direct them into behaving Biblically. The D.I.G. Ministry wants to begin a revival of young adults to begin obeying God’s commandments. First by providing them with a great song/prayer, second by watching the message provided on this website, and third watching a film that is in the making……All structured to encourage the individual to grow into the habit of praying to God consistently.

At the other end of the spectrum are those individuals who have already made consistently bad choices and now have found themselves in an addiction battle with drugs and alcohol. It is a proven fact that faith based, biblically backed, Christ centered rehab centers have a much higher rate of success than secular rehab centers. The main reason for this is that they learn to put God into their lives and Jesus into their heart. The D.I.G. Ministry will help these individuals with staying clean and sober by encouraging the individual to continue to “Just D.I.G. it”! That is, keeping in constant prayer for Direction, Instruction, and Guidance.

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